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Wix vs WordPress: Which Platform Reigns Supreme in 2023?🚀

Which is best? Wix vs WordPress? 🤔

Are you a small business owner or startup founder looking for the best website platform to launch your online presence? It can be tricky to pick the ideal website CMS. So, at Just Bloom, we thought we’d write an article on (spoiler alert), why Wix is a better CMS platform than WordPress. Both are popular choices but each has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will explore why we think Wix might be the better choice when compared with WordPress, as well as how to get started using it. So, let's dive in and find out why we feel Wix is better than WordPress!

So, why is Wix the best platform for Small Businesses? 😎

Wix is a powerful website building platform that offers small businesses an easier, faster way to launch an online presence. It's one of the most popular CMS platforms available and has many advantages over other services like WordPress.

For starters, Wix makes it easy for users to create beautiful, templated websites with no coding experience. With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly modify the site's look and content with a few simple clicks, with access to hundreds of pre-made templates so you can quickly get started without having to design everything from scratch. This is ideal if you are budget conscious, all you need are a few skills to generate content, write the copy, and then just add your creative flair.

Another advantage of using Wix is it's already mobile optimised. No matter the device, Wix provides the ideal user experience to customers and will automatically enhance your website for desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Additionally, small businesses can take advantage of useful features such as contact forms and eCommerce packages to efficiently manage their business online without needing any technical expertise.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits offered by Wix is its affordability compared to other CMS solutions like WordPress which requires additional hosting costs plus ongoing maintenance fees if you want more advanced features like plugins or customisations. Wix even offers a free plan option along with several reasonably priced professional packages starting around £30/month depending on what type of functionality you need.

Takeaway 😋

Wix is simple to use, easy to get started, creates beautiful websites and all for the cost of a few coffees a month :)


What are the advantages of using Wix over WordPress? 🥰

So, what are some of the major advantages over Wordpress? For a start, Wix is an excellent choice due to its intuitive interface, comprehensive features, and cost.

For starters, Wix's drag-and-drop builder makes creating a website much easier than with other platforms such as WordPress. The drag-and-drop builder of Wix allows users to generate personalized layouts with no programming understanding or background. Furthermore, Wix offers a wide selection of pre-made designs to help you get started quickly.

In terms of features, Wix offers everything you need from an online presence standpoint, such as blogging, eCommerce, social media integration, contact forms, email marketing, SEO optimisation tools and more. With WordPress, some of this functionality would involve managing multiple add-ons or plugins, with Wix, since all the features are in one place, this saves time and money.

Wix also has excellent customer support, should you ever encounter any issues while using the platform, something that isn't always true with WordPress, which relies heavily on third party developers for support. They also offer regular automated updates so your site remains secure, this is especially important if you plan on taking online payments or have customer details on your website.

Overall, Wix provides small businesses with an affordable solution that doesn't sacrifice quality or usability when compared to WordPress. This gives them access to powerful web design capabilities without breaking the bank. Consequently, if you're on the hunt for a simple approach to starting an online business, then Wix is worth looking at.

Takeaway 😋

In Wix, you can build websites for almost every business, but it's not a fit for all, especially if you have very bespoke needs or need custom software development.


So why should I not use Wix? 🔥

Wix is a great tool for quickly launching an online presence, but it does have some drawbacks. It can be difficult to heavily customise a website with Wix, as the platform doesn't offer as much flexibility when it comes to design and layout. Furthermore, incorporating very complex e-commerce packages or bespoke backend software development may not always be compatible with the Wix coding structure.

Finally, hosting fees can become expensive over time if you are a very large data or transactional user. While Wix is amazing for getting set up and works well for the majority of businesses, anyone requiring greater customisation or scalability should look at larger enterprise offerings.

Conclusion 💭

In essence, for anyone who needs a startup or established website, which offers great functionality, dependable reliability, is securely hosted and provides good value, then Wix is your choice. Especially if budget is a worry and you have the basic skills to launch your own business online, then Wix is a great option! If however, you need a more complicated solution, bespoke development or have high usage then WordPress or its alternatives would need to be considered.

If you love the idea of having Wix as your fully managed website provider but want to take the hassle out of launching your business online or don’t want a templated design, then let us create a professional brand and website for you.

At Just Bloom, we create beautiful brands and amazing websites without the fuss, contact one of our friendly team, we’d love to help.

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