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‘Fuss-free’ web agency takes the pain and cost out of new websites!

A new fuss-free web agency has been formed, offering companies high-quality bespoke websites without the long lead times and high price tags offered by traditional agencies.

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Just Bloom was formed by two East Midlands business owners who had become increasingly frustrated by how expensive and time-consuming the web development process had become.

And with the rise of budget, off-the-shelf websites, they realised that clients were facing options that were poles apart.

They either recruited a regular web agency, which was likely to quote many thousands of pounds for a bespoke website, which would take many months to complete.

Or they turned to a budget provider, able to turn a website around in no time, and at a fraction of the price - but the results would be generic and unremarkable.

Just Bloom was created to bridge that gap - to offer a middle ground for companies who are seeking a professional website, tailored to their business, but who lack the time, budget or desire to work with traditional web agencies.

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“As a business owner, I couldn’t understand why creating a simple website was so expensive, so time-consuming and so much effort,” said Just Bloom co-founder, Jonny Appleton, from Leicestershire.

He added: “We knew that something wasn’t right, so we fixed it. Just Bloom was born out of a mixture of passion and frustration.”

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Just Bloom co-founder, Ian Morris, from Nottingham, a design and branding expert of 25 years who has specialised in website development projects, had become equally baffled by how costly and protracted the traditional web development process had become.

He said: “Just Bloom was created by our mutual realisation that websites had just become too much like hard work, for both the client and the agency.

“We took a step back and kept the bits that work and removed the parts that don’t. Our clients can expect professional, bespoke websites, designed by experts, but at a fraction of the cost and time.”

With website design packages starting at £4,999, plus VAT, Just Bloom aims to complete sites within around four weeks. Following an initial client discovery session the service includes proactive advice, copywriting, design, build and launch SEO.

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Clients can also benefit from Just Bloom’s branding expertise - including the design of a professional brand, including logo, styling and guidelines.

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